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Frequently Asked Questions

Why see a pediatric physical therapist? 

Physical therapists are trained to be movement specialist. As a pediatric physical therapist, I have additional training and expertise on the way infants, toddlers, and children move and progress through developmental milestones. Teaching a child to move in the correct way early on can prevent developmental delays, joint issues later in development, and promote optimal gross motor function. 

Why is a developmental screening important? 

A developmental screening is an easy way to assess and prevent developmental delays. I can work with you and your child to ensure they are meeting all gross and fine motor developmental milestones by assessing movement, providing environmental modifications, and prescribing activities and exercises to support overall motor performance. Catching any potential delays early can ensure that your child stays on a trajectory for optimal health and development in their early years. I recommend developmental screens as early as 2 months old if there are concerns for head positioning or poor tolerance for tummy time, or if your child is not rolling by 6 months, sitting by 8 months, crawling by 12 months, or walking by 15 months. 

How can my child benefit from physical therapy services? 

If concerns are identified, working with me as a a pediatric physical therapist can ensure that your child has fun and stays engaged during their therapy sessions. Adult-based clinics often are crowded and lack the element of fun to keep children motivated to participate. My sessions are uniquely catered to your child, their needs and interests, and your goals as a parent. Sessions are based on the functional needs of the child rather than a cookie-cutter plan. 

What is concierge physical therapy? 

Insurance can often limit and prevent a child from receiving the services in the timely manner that is recommended. By bypassing insurance, I am able to better serve you and your child's needs with the exact amount of time per session, number of sessions, and duration of services. It also allows more flexibility for the provision of services based on your child's progress or family needs. I can provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement according to your plan's out-of-network provisions. 

Will I need a prescription from my child's doctor? 

In the state of Georgia, a physical therapist can evaluate and treat a client prior to receiving a physical therapy referral. If extended services are recommended, a prescription may be requested from your child's pediatrician. Developmental screenings do not require a prescription for treatment. 

Where do you treat clients? 

I am currently providing in-home services within a specified travel radius. By providing services and screenings in a child's natural environment, the child is able to relax and feel safe with a new person, you are able to see how to support motor development in your own home, and it caters to the child's needs and schedule in a more comfortable way. Virtual services are also available. 

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