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Developmental playgroups provide families with fun, engaging, and directed skills catered to your child's developmental level. Classes are held throughout the community for your convenience! See calendar below for a full list of playgroup times and locations!

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Infants and Tummy Time

Young babies demonstrate so many new skills in their first few months of life. From developing head control to beginning to roll, there are so many new ways to explore and engage with their environment. This playgroup caters to infants birth to rolling and anywhere in between! Focused skills include head control, improving tummy time tolerance, and set-up for rolling to and from their bellies.  


Is your baby a new sitter but not sure how to help them not fall over? Is your baby a proficient sitter but not sure how to get them to get into sitting by themselves? This is the group for you! Focused skills include improving sitting balance, transitions in and out of sitting, and transitions to crawling. 


Your baby is on the move! Now, let's perfect that crawling pattern - does your baby crawl with one foot up, bum scoot, or struggle to push up off their belly? Focused skills include moving from belly to hands and knees, reciprocal crawling on hands and knees, and getting ready to stand up. 

Almost - Walkers

Here we go in standing! They're so close to taking those first steps! It's time to work on our balance on our feet and get to walking! This group is targeted towards babies who are learning to pull up to standing and standing by themselves or anywhere in between! Focused skills include proficient pulling to stand, cruising, independent standing, and working on those first steps. 

Check out the calendar below to find a class near you! 

Not sure where your baby will succeed best? Let's connect!

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