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Available Services

Specialized Services for: 
- Developmental Delay
- Torticollis/Plagiocephaly
- Cerebral Palsy
- Down Syndrome
-  Orthotics Assessment
- Delayed Walking
- Balance deficits/Frequent falling
- Autism Spectrum Disorder/Sensory Processing Disorder
-High/Low Muscle Tone

Schedule a consultation to get started on how to help your baby move, grow, and thrive! 

Not sure if physical therapy can help you and your family? Give me a call! I'm now offering FREE 15 minute consultations to address your concerns, provide feedback, and guidance to get your kiddo on the right track!

Virtual consultation

A 45-minute virtual session to assess your concerns, your child's developmental progress, and provide recommendations for movement and play. 

Physical Therapy Services

Based on findings from the Physical Therapy Evaluation, ongoing 60-minute sessions will be recommended in order to meet your child's functional goals and movement development. Session packages also available. Billable to insurance as Out-of-Network Provider.

Developmental screening

A 45-minute in-person session to fully assess your infant's movement, strength, and coordination for gross motor development. You will be provided with recommendations for movement, play, and therapeutic interventions. 

Group Sessions

Geared towards working with caregivers for children of similar developmental stage, I will provide developmental assessments, recommendations for movement, and fun ways to engage and play! 

Contact for Pricing 

Also check out our Ready Set Grow! Playgroups!

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

A 1-hour in-depth assessment of your child's movement, strength, coordination, and age-appropriate function for all ages. Concerns for injury, movement difficulty, and rehabilitation will be assessed and further recommendations provided. Billable to insurance as an Out-of-Network Provider.

Daycare Screenings

20-minute in-person developmental screenings for infants and toddlers provided in the daycare setting. Minimum number of children required. 

Contact for Pricing


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Now Offering FREE 15 Minute Consultations!


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